Thursday, October 09, 2008

What My Kids Got from Kacole...

My sister loves making up new words and phrases. My favorite is "crappity crap". It really says so much about her personality and sense of humor! Well, I know she'll be so proud of her nephews when she reads this!

The other day, D was trying so hard to tell me about his day, but his tongue kept getting tied up. He said, "I was so tired today at school. It was hard to foc...concentr...focunstrate!"

I love it! Focunstrate has been used many times around here since then.

When you are almost five, some words are still hard to articulate, like "gespetti" (uh, that's spaghetti, in case you needed help). The mispronounced words have always been so cute, but there are fewer and fewer of them left in G-man's vocabulary.

When he recently discovered his brother and dad would be camping without him, his heart was understandably broken! He looked right into my eyes and said (with chin quivering, I swear!), "But I want to go on the Scubs Scouts Campout, too".

Oh man! It was pitiful...and effective!

He really likes his new Lightening McQueen tent! He stayed in or around it the 24+ hours the "Scubs Scouts" were gone! Since I wouldn't let him eat inside it, I had to convince him to pretend there's a campfire burning right outside the tent door. Everybody knows it's more fun to eat around a campfire.

And yes, we even ate s'mores!


kacole said...

Oh, I am so proud! I am going to have to borrow focunstrate, I have a hard time doing that myself.

ShelleyRo said...

And only Mommy can really translate the words just right, the same thing happens with Jax (and Viv on the phone)