Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a Boy Thing

This is what I discovered one day after the boys got out of the bathtub. Obviously, a very fierce battle had occured in the Land of Bafftub. The poor, headless snake never had a chance.

I immediately thought, "Do girl-moms find such things in the bathtub?"

Why do I love these pictures so much? They capture the essence of boy-dom, boy-hood, boy-ness...all things BOY! They make me laugh because the predator still has its kill hanging lifeless from its clenched teeth.

But most of all, I wonder which little testosterone-filled man-child left it on display in the corner of the tub?


JAR said...

I love it!! Well, it will be a while before they outgrow this type of fun. Just in the last year, little L had a fascination with army men. He had not played with them in a long time, but when he found the box, it became his mission to take the enemy outside, use his magnifying glass, and burn wounds into their body. He really was quite creative at using this method to fashion a variety of misfortunes for these poor soldiers.

From trash trucks, to dinosaurs, to army men--what comes next? I agree with you, boys are loads of fun (not to say that my girl isn't!).

kacole said...

In girl world they would be friends, or be getting married. When we were growing up I think I drove poor Brandon crazy because I wanted all the GI Joe and Heman guys to marry the girls and have a family.

But personally I love hearing, "grrr'" vroom vroom," and "too toooo" coming from the playroom! (There is no end T in toot at our house.)

ShelleyRo said...

Girls potty train their babies in the tub and swim.....and continue to talk forever

JAR said...

Just need to make a grammatical correction to my post above--I know how you love to laugh at this home school mom when she doesn't proof her writing! But that's ok, it keeps me on my toes!

"their body" should read "their bodies"

I feel better now.

JFAB said...

It would depend who your girls are. My twin girls have rejected dolls, barbies, pink and dress since they were about 18 months old. Instead they go for remote control cars, star wars, legos and things that go boom in the night. Hopefully when they get a little older they will migrate toward other interests.
One of them, Katarina, broke her thumb on a Tuedasy two weeks ago and finally said something about it on Friday because it was still sore. Yeap, it was broke when we took her to the doctor...