Monday, April 24, 2006

Single Mom

So, I'm a single mom this week! My hubby is gone to a pastor's conference until Thursday. It's times like these I wish we homeschooled because I would have taken the boys to grandparents and gone to the conference with him. There are other times I wish we homeschooled, but that blog is for another day - deciding to send son to public school was a long, hard decision.

Knowing there is no one about to walk in and ask why I'm still on the computer - I've spent quite a bit of time checking out the FlyLady and reading other blogs! That FlyLady is something else and I want others' opinions of her and her methods. LiteratureLover seems to really accomplish a lot with the routines. Please let me know what you think and how you got started and the difference it's made for your home.

What is your advice for this single mom? Early baths, Benadryl, and off to bed? (for the boys, not me). Chicken nuggets and mac n cheese every night? (for the boys, not me) Major house cleaning so hubby is impressed/blessed when he returns home? I am really glad he's at the conference. Everyone needs renewal - especially pastors. I got my renewal weekend earlier this month when I flew to TN for a Beth Moore conference - all by myself! It was wonderful! I tried to get Heartsjoy to come along but she just couldn't do it. Maybe next time!

But seriously, I am thankful I'm not a single mom. I can't imagine a more difficult situation. Even if hubby is in the house, but has checked out (you know what I mean), at least he's here if I need him. Just his walking through the door takes the pressure off me at the end of the day. No one should have to parent alone.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Narnia Mania

Mothering boys is such an adventure! They are such odd little creatures - strange one moment and sweet the next. Some days I spend the whole day telling them to stop jumping off the couch, settle down, be quiet, no I don't want to pretend you are Superman so you can rescue me. There are days I'm just not in the mood. Then the Lord reminds me they are boys - that's how He made them. They are wild at heart! The last thing I want to do is squelch that boy spirit!

In the few weeks since Narnia came out on DVD, it has been played at least 27 times in our house. Big Brother can't get enough. It's fine with me - the movie is wonderful. He even sleeps at night with the soundtrack playing in his room. He knows what's happening during each song! We are also reading the book at night before bed. Oh, and he only puts on his pajama pants for bed and walks around with no shirt and a scarf - he thinks he is Mr. Tumnus! He's six.

The other day while cooking dinner I looked into the den and there was Big Brother dressed for battle - complete with shield, sword, and helmet! He was fighting the White Witch during the battle scene of the movie. He had also dressed Little Brother (he's 2 1/2) for war! I laughed and cried at the same time!

Lord, thank you for my little warriors! My little King Peter the Magnificent! May these 2 rascals always be brave, noble, and courageous! May they fight evil with the Sword of the Spirit and rescue those in need!

Dr. Dobson and John Elderidge would be proud!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Getting Caught

Since beginning this blogging (today), I have found it very time consuming! Nothing else is getting done! My baby has been neglected. Every once in a while I will get up and make a bed, vacuum something, or pay a bill, but after each chore I run back to the computer and read another blog written by people I don't even know! Does anyone else find this bizarre, yet wonderfully satisfying? I try to read what heartsjoy has to say because I have known her for about 10 years. I can hear her voice as I read. But I get distracted on her blog because I am checking out all her buddies and what they have to say! I really like supermom. She says just what I am unable to articulate. I love that!

A few minutes ago I heard my husband come through the house. We live in the parsonage, so he walks over to the house quite often. You may think, "how nice", but sometimes it startles me (and annoys me). When I heard him coming, I switched screens to make it look like I was deeply involved in planning VBS! He would love the idea of my blogging, because he is a writer and reads blogs all the time. He is the one who should be blogging! But I feel guilty when I am on the internet when I should be doing other things!

I'm getting off the computer now. The baby is asleep and big brother is at school. Hubby has returned to the church. I should go do my pilates!!!!

What's in a Name?

It is so difficult naming something - or even someone! Whenever I am on a team of any sort and we must come up with a name, I always go blank! Naming our second child proved to be more difficult than I anticipated - it was so important and so daunting! Having just completed Beth Moore's Bible study "The Patriarchs", the importance of a name is fresh on my mind. Even God's name is so important and revered that the Hebrew people wouldn't say it!

So, today I had to name my blog! I tried so many, but they were all taken. But I think this name reflects how I feel about who I am and about my family. Marriage and mothering is a journey. The Jacksons have been on quite a journey for almost 18 years. Being a child of God is also a journey - sometimes exciting and sometimes tough. But no matter what the journey brings, there is always joy in this journey!