Monday, October 27, 2008

32 Days

More Things That Make Me Smile

  • sharpies - no, really
  • hanging out with little girls
  • and old ladies, too!
  • AE Drake Relay ice cream
  • AE party dip
  • going to son's school and getting at least 27 hugs from kiddos
  • proving that a woman can be a good pastor's wife & be REAL @ the same time
  • knowing I'm doing the very thing God told me I'd do back when I was 13
  • seeing Miss E run up my sidewalk every morning, grinning and giggling
  • hearing a nephew or niece say "Aunt Jill" for the first time
  • seeing the combines cutting wheat
  • listening to these cotton farmers tell their "stripper" stories!
  • the way the snow and mountains look at dusk at our family getaway in Colorado
  • hearing my best friend and her kids sing "Jingle Bells" because it's the first snow in Des Moines
  • hearing Brandon call me "Mr. Jills"


Momofthree said...

I can't believe the words Kohl's or Cracker Barrel didn't make this list!!!

joyfuljourney said...

Oh girl, there's still time!

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed my front porch didn't make your list.Guess I haven't been home enough!!!!D.B.

ShelleyRo said...

What about making small children believe they are having soap when it is really white chocolate.

kacole said...

YEAH! What about the soap thing, you sure did smile a LOT that day!!

And as far as not cleaning up after yourself right away, I think that must be genetic because I suffer from that same condition!

ShelleyRo said...

I think it comes from Mimi because I've got it bad