Tuesday, April 24, 2007

80's Party

Hubby turned 40 the other day! I knew I couldn't pull off a surprise party, so the theme was the only surprise. Being a teenager in the 80's, it just seemed like the perfect party theme. So, for weeks I'd been searching for clothes, music, costumes, trinkets, etc. to have at this party! Well, it worked out GREAT!!! His cake reminded him we think he's "Totally Awesome"!

His favorite 80's movie is Top Gun, with Ice Man being his favorite character. So I found a t-shirt for him to wear. That isn't a dead squirrel on his head, it's actually a hideous mullet wig!

My get-up ended up being a combination of some very bad 80's fashions! Cyndi Lauper wig, bright plastic jewelry, pants that were almost like parachute pants, and jellies for shoes! I'd forgotten how hot those shoes were!
Some of our friends had a great time dressing up. C looked great with her side ponytail and leggings, K's hair was BIG and her jeans were rolled perfectly, M's dress looked just like what she wore to church back in 1984 - in fact, it was! A was perfect head to toe - big hair, layered pastel shirts, a belt with a bow, and jellies. Her hubby wore his Moguls jersey from his days in MHS. We played 80's trivia, including video trivia mostly from one-hit-wonders. We'd forgotten A LOT! We had 80's music playing and rubik's cubes on the tables. Every time a new song would come on we'd all say, "Oh, I love this song. Now, THIS is the 80's"!! And, of course, it wouldn't be a throwback to our teenage years without pizza and cokes!

One of the highlights of the evening was the video ipod we surprised him with. The other surprise was his mom and niece coming in for the party.

The evening was a ton of fun and Hubby was very happy with the party. It was the perfect theme, but I'm glad we didn't have to stay back in the 80's!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

One Year

One year ago today I started this blog. It's funny how, even on day one, I seemed obsessed already! Reading over last year's entry, I realize I haven't learned anything and I'm still just as obsessed reading everyone's blogs - only one year later I have tripled the number of blogs I read regularly. Maybe during year two I'll actually write more blog entries than I read!

Since beginning this blogging (today), I have found it very time consuming! Nothing else is getting done! My baby has been neglected. Every once in a while I will get up and make a bed, vacuum something, or pay a bill, but after each chore I run back to the computer and read another blog written by people I don't even know! Does anyone else find this bizarre, yet wonderfully satisfying? I try to read what heartsjoy has to say because I have known her for about 10 years. I can hear her voice as I read. But I get distracted on her blog because I am checking out all her buddies and what they have to say! I really like supermom. She says just what I am unable to articulate. I love that!

A few minutes ago I heard my husband come through the house. We live in the parsonage, so he walks over to the house quite often. You may think, "how nice", but sometimes it startles me (and annoys me). When I heard him coming, I switched screens to make it look like I was deeply involved in planning VBS! He would love the idea of my blogging, because he is a writer and reads blogs all the time. He is the one who should be blogging! But I feel guilty when I am on the internet when I should be doing other things!

I'm getting off the computer now. The baby is asleep and big brother is at school. Hubby has returned to the church. I should go do my pilates!!!!


I did something wonderful yesterday. Something I've needed to do for a LONG time. Something I should have learned from JRR's wife a long time ago, since she has done this many times before. I got rid of everyone and cleaned my house! I worked from one end to the other and it felt so good! I'm prone to distractions and seldom finish anything I start. My house is NEVER clean all at the same time - except last year during our Christmas Open House. I'm not saying it's perfectly clean now, but the major clutter is put away.

The remarkable thing about it is that I was actually able to concentrate and get it done. Concentration is something I struggle with everyday. I'm very easily distracted. With 3 other people needing me throughout the day, sometimes at the same time, I find it very hard to keep up. So, yesterday's accomplishments were great for my confidence. I really may not be losing my mind!

Now that cleaning my house is out of the way, I can once again focus on hubby's 40th birthday bash Saturday, and VBS training Sunday! I can't believe these 2 events are back to back. Maybe I AM losing my mind!!!