Tuesday, October 21, 2008

38 Days

Instead of continuing yesterday's list, I thought I'd go in the opposite direction.

Things That Drive Me CRAZY
  • female cashiers @ discount stores who've spent lots of money on their fake nails, yet wear no makeup and have skanky hair
  • seeing toothless, illiterate southerners interviewed after a tornado has destroyed their trailer homes
  • sitcoms that count on all things sexual to get ratings and keep our attention
  • hearing a news anchor report the death of someone famous by saying "John Doe, dead, age 72"
  • Disney and Nick shows (aimed at school-aged kids) that refer to girls as "hot"
  • watching my kids act appalled when asked to pull their weight around here
  • knowing people talk ABOUT my husband without talking TO him
  • the Obamas
  • Joe Biden
  • being micro-managed
  • feeling overwhelmed

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