Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh, the Manliness!

One day, Little Macho Man and G came running into the kitchen with their shirts off. "Look, we're little mans!" I had to laugh out loud at their pasty, white skin and little tiny muscles, not to mention the obvious misuse of the plural form of their kind!

They spent the entire day running around shirtless. Oh, they felt virile, masculine, and a tad bit chilly. So, I asked my little man why being shirtless made him think he was a man - especially since he NEVER sees his daddy walk around shirtless. His answer surprised me and embarrassed me at the same time. It wasn't one of my proudest moments. You see, Troy, in HSM2, takes off his shirt to play basketball. That's why it is the essence of manliness to go without a shirt...because Troy did it! I didn't dare ask his opinion of Troy during the "golf course dance scene." Not exactly macho.

That happened several weeks ago and these 2 still love taking off their shirts. I've had to make a new rule - shirts stay on unless it's rest time and you are covered with a blanket, or we are outside for water play. I swear these 2 would walk around naked all day if I let them!