Friday, March 28, 2008

Excuse Me...I'm Not Ready For THIS!

Yesterday, Mr. D (who is 8 1/2) got a phone call from a GIRL! Well, she has called before, but he refused to call her back. But this time he did it! It's so funny because they spent the whole day together at school, so what did they have to talk about? (Did I just sound OLD when I said that?) Apparently they talked about NOTHING since he just sat there laughing. Come to find out, she thought it would be funny to flush the toilet during their conversation. She had obviously stepped into the "powder room" for this private phone conversation and just couldn't resist the temptation - to flush, that is.

Brooklyn's family is special to us. They moved to this tiny town about 8 months after we did. When you aren't from the small town in which you now live, you can feel very much like an outsider. So, these two hit it off from the beginning. Having been in the same classroom in 1st grade and now 2nd, they have spent a lot of time together. Last year, in Mrs. C's class, Brooklyn's desk was moved right behind Mr. D's. She later told her mom that she now sits behind the love of her life and can look at his red hair all day! Oh, the things that come out of that mouth! She is something else. The first time she came to our house, she glanced over at my iced tea (in an iced tea glass with a stem) and said, "Is that a martini???" Imagine...her pastor's wife drinking martinis in the middle of the day...with children around! Her parents don't even drink martinis and she has no idea what they are!

So, as I sat there, obnoxiously taking pictures, I couldn't help but think about the future. Will there be things about Mr. D (looks, attitude, personality) that girls will find attractive? Will he know how to treat these young ladies? Will they be young LADIES? And what will these girls be wearing? Will modesty and virtue be important to them? Will they be important to him? Wow, we have a big job here. There is so much to instill in that stubborn head of his! Experts say that most of that must be learned before age 9! That's August, people! No pressure here!

For now, I will trust the One who gave him to us and enjoy these silly and innocent moments - capturing and treasuring them when I can.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

OK Girls...It's That Time of Year

Little Miss E would like to remind all the girls out there that with the weather getting warmer, we mustn't put off getting that much-needed pedicure! Even 11-month old girls know how important it is that our feet look adorable...even yummy!

Just look at those toes! This has to be the cutest thing you've seen all day! I wouldn't trade jobs with anyone. I get to spend my day with my son, this little sweetie, and her very macho, very sweet big brother!

But...I REALLY do need to get that pedicure! My almost-40-year-old toes don't look nearly as cute as hers!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Please Don't Feed the Monkeys

This morning the hubby returned from the grocery store with a rare treat. He just went for milk and juice, but found something else on sale - Mrs. Baird's Powdered Sugar donuts.

Well, these little monkeys at my house think that is just about the greatest thing ever. I have discovered that it is impossible for preschool boys to eat these things without wearing white powder all over their clothes. But, the best part is the aftermath left around their lips!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Winter in Texas

It's 75 degrees outside. I just checked the forecast for the week, so I can organize meals and school clothes. What I saw on the page made me laugh out loud! There were 3 severe weather alerts for my area: tornado watch, red flag warning (both common this time of year) and SNOW ADVISORY!


It's just like a Texas winter to be 75 degrees with a tornado watch one day, snowing the next, and 63 degrees and sunny the day after that! It sure makes laundry interesting. One load can include shorts and flannel, long sleeves and short sleeves...anything goes. The worst part about that is trying to organize the clothes. The summer clothes have been stored, so now we are digging in those, but we really can't switch out the winter clothes yet either.

But I am really not complaining (except for the managing the clothes part). I welcome any last bursts of winter. All too soon it will be in the high 90's with no breeze, bugs of all sorts, and air-conditioning running almost non-stop. Once those days are here, they stay for MONTHS and end in relief!

I'll take whacked-out winter/spring weather anytime!