Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Now That's School Spirit!

High School Football is HUGE here in Texas, especially in small town West Texas! Each Friday there is a different theme for the pep rally and the kids dress in that theme all day. My 2nd grader had really wanted to get dressed up last week for "Tame the Wildcats" circus theme. Being close to Halloween, finding makeup and wig were no problem. So, we got up early and started putting on the clown face - something I've never done before!

Now, I'm all for school spirit, but I don't know if I would have gone to school like this! He had so much fun! When the kids in class saw him, they thought it was perfect for the class clown to dress like one!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Look at That Old Lady

Last month I was in the doctor's office, waiting for my yearly exam. (Sorry brother, you probably didn't want to know that). The other patients in the room were pregnant. One was barely showing and had obviously just moved to town (they were a military family). One was probably fairly close to her due date and having contractions. One woman came out from having seen the doctor carrying ultrasound pictures of her TWINS. I just sat there reading a magazine for first-time parents who haven't a clue what they're doing. I didn't say a word to anyone, I just listened and observed. I quickly assumed that all the women there were first-time moms. I wondered what they were analyzing as they looked at me. Did they think I was pregnant, too old to be pregnant, beginning menopause? Did they think, "Oh, I hope I'm not having kids when I'm that old!"? Facing my 39th birthday soon, I kinda hoped they didn't think I was too old to have a baby. There were moments that morning that I felt that longing to have just one more baby. Going to the doctor is the fun part - hearing the heartbeat, etc. (Not fun at the end, though! No one likes getting checked, thankyouverymuch! )

Everything in the room was fairly quiet, except for one mom. She received a phone call and proceeded to talk loudly about her baby and what they will name her. "We really like Lily Kate, but we really haven't decided." I found myself quite annoyed at her lack of respect. So much so that when I got a phone call from hubby, I went to the farthest part of the waiting room and spoke softly. He was out shopping for our son's soccer shorts and shin guards. He needed to ask me about some sizes, etc.

When the call was over, I had to chuckle at the stage of life I find myself in right now. Although being pregnant is a terribly exciting time of life, so is being a "soccer mom". My boys are growing up, becoming more independent, becoming little men. I love this stage. I don't miss the baby years. They were sweet at times and I loved them, but I'm embracing this stage too!

So, I find myself with a very typical job description that I'm really OK with. I'm a minivan-driving, work-at-home, President-of-the-PTO, soccer mom.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cartoon Evangelism

This morning I picked my almost 4YO up from Sunday school. They had been discussing the importance of church, what the church is, church attendance, etc. On his activity sheet there was a picture of a church building he'd had to circle.

Just outside that church building G had drawn a little Spongebob. You may recall his recent fascination. Maybe his teacher had mentioned the importance of bringing friends to church. Or maybe it's the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Or maybe he's just simply obsessed with the stupid little yellow sea creature!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chumbley Update

Landry Andel Chumbley arrived this afternoon! Mother and daughter are doing very well. I tell ya, nobody has babies like Robin! She's a champ! I talked to her on the phone tonight and she doesn't even sound tired. She's quite amazing.

Please take the time to read Terry's post on their caringbridge site. You will laugh and cry. It was quite a day for him!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Prayer Requests

***UPDATE*** Thank you for praying for Kati. She did miscarry her baby last night. Please continue to pray for her physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Last month we found out that our niece is pregnant. She's 24, single, and had no plans of starting a family. She didn't really want to be pregnant, but she is. So she made her announcement to the family, will have the baby in the spring and get married sometime after that. Of course, it's a much longer story than that, but that's the nutshell version.

Well, tonight it appears she is miscarrying. She's on bedrest and may not know until Friday what's happening to her baby. Although she never planned this, I would imagine that in the last few weeks as she has been trying to wrap her brain around the reality, her heart has already begun loving and dreaming and breaking - just like all mother's hearts do during pregnancy. Please pray for Kati.

It's been a while since I posted about Payton Chumbley. I try to keep everyone updated through emails. He has finished Round 6 (of 14) of chemo and has a couple of weeks off. Then they will redo all the tests to see how big the tumor is. Of course, the hope is that the doctors will be dumbfounded when there is NO TUMOR! Our God is huge and we are trusting Him.

Robin, Payton's mom, will deliver Landry tomorrow. This is great because we want Robin to be well on her way to recovery when Payton has his surgery in a few weeks. Tomorrow's event is doubly sweet because it is Robin's birthday. She will share her birthday with her only little girl (for now!?)

I'll post all the good news tomorrow!!