Thursday, June 15, 2006

Britney's Boobs and Mrs. Duggar

This morning I caught a few minutes of Matt Lauer's interview with Britney Spears. I sorta wish I hadn't! Being pregnant, her boobs are enormous and spilling over. Her skirt was slit up to her thigh. She's lost all modesty. She really looked like a scared little girl in a woman's body. The saddest part wasn't even how she looked, it was what I saw in her eyes and on her face. When asked how she deals with the world thinking she's a bad mother, she blew it off and acted like she didn't know what he was talking about. When asked how she feels about the papparazzi, she broke down crying. I know it must be horrendous dealing with the constant invasion, but why didn't she show any emotion when asked about mothering? She must be addicted to approval like most of us. Doesn't it bother her that many think she has terrible mothering skills? What kind emotion would that bring out of you? Although she has tremendous influence on many many girls and young women, I'm glad she isn't the average young mother!

On the other end of the spectrum, there's Michelle Duggar. You know, the mom from Springdale, AR with 16 kids. Did I mention she homeschools and makes a lot of their clothes? I know there are many out there who don't get this family, but I'm fascinated! Everytime they are on Discovery Health, I have to watch. They are so organized and intentional. The parents seem so sane. Michelle is the picture of submission and mothering. There is no TV in the house (7000 sq ft, by the way). All the kids play an instrument, have a buddy, do specific chores, etc. It is the picture of efficiency. When I watch them I can't help but think she can't be real. What I'm seeing is sugar-coated. She has the sweetest, most gentle voice. Does she ever scream at all those kids? Do they bang on the door when she's in the bathroom? Or do the kids bang on the bathroom door when their older buddies are in the bathroom? Does she ever get time by herself? Has she had time to give herself a pedicure this summer (like Supermom suggested in Summer Pledge?) Does she ever have cheerios stuck on her butt? How many times a day does she hear "Mom, look at me!"

I'm glad there is a woman out there like Michelle Duggar. I think what she and her husband are doing is great! The kids appear to be wonderful, responsible children who love the Lord and can probably out-quote all of us in Scripture! I am also disturbed there are so many mothers out there similar to Britney Spears. What really comforts me is that there are millions of us who fall comfortably between the two! I don't have to be like either one of them! I can be a devoted mother by day and wear tight shirts with my boobs hanging out at night! LOL!!!


i'm_inspired said...

Cute, cute post!! Hubby and I had fun reading it! He wants to see you dressed in evening attire! (ROFL!!)

joyfuljourney said...

Now that's disturbing! I assure you, that is not how I am dressed right now!!!! No need to drop by just to check!

Missed you last night. Have you abandoned us?

heartsjoy said...

LOL, you are too funny! I agree, I do feel for the little girl (britney) in the grown up body. I also completely admire Michelle Duggar. I am intrigued as well and it does seem she loves and disciplines and guides her children so well.

heartsjoy said...

P.S. If you could e-mail me your number that would be great. I want to call you but your number was on our last answering machine that I didn't get written down, now machine in a box somewhere, etc etc.. :)

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

I am totally intrigued by Michelle Duggar. Acutally, I am dying to see her on hidden camera when she doesn't know she's being taped for the Discovery Channel!!! :)

SuperMom said...

Ha! I knew you had an alter ego ;-)

I was going to post about Britny, too. I felt really bad for her.

Michelle Dugger is an exceptional example. Though I feel very inadequate when next to her.

GREAT POST!!!! I'm linking to yours instead of writing my own ;-)

joyfuljourney said...

Heartsjoy - I'll email you today! I've been planning to call you for almost 2 weeks now!

Michelle - I want to see her on hidden camera too! I want to see someone in that house lose control.

Supermom - love your new look! It seems I spend most of my blog time reading everyone else's stuff and I don't post enough of my own! I gotta write more!

Grafted Branch said...

I missed (or didn't miss, really) the Brittney interview. Oh well.

I also stop to watch the Duggars in whatever reality/docu they appear. I also need to see a little bit of real stuff happening there. I'm not encouraged by other people's perfection -- it just makes me want to crawl in a whole and die when I blow it.

Reading real people deal with real stuff in a real way and then finding forgiveness, strength and victory in Christ motivates me to keep trying.

joyfuljourney said...

I like that..."I'm not encouraged by other people's perfection -- it just makes me want to crawl in a whole and die when I blow it." Well said!

I too am looking for real people with real stuff. I grew up in the conservative, traditional church culture and I'm still trying to get over it! I get tired of simple, "Sunday school" answers that have no value. I'm all for simple faith, but life isn't simple. I just want to be authentic.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

jessica said...

Missed the britney thing... but I feel so sorry for her. No one is perfect as a mom... and frankly she hasn't done anything that many young mothers I come into contact with haven't done. Poor girl... so confused, so lost.

As for the other woman... do you think she wants more? I think I would like to send my kiddos to her to train and then I'll take them back.

kimberly said...

Good post. I felt the same way watching Britney with Matt. Between the outfit, the tears, her face--she looks like a desperate, scared young girl playing grown-up. I'm concerned for her and worried about her children and I wish I could help her.

That lady with the 16 kids? Incredible. I watch those shows too and she's got to be the best mother ever. She's so good she's scary. :)

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I didn't watch the Britney thing on purpose cause I knew it would just raise my blood pressure. I really think she gets bum treatment from the press, they're just waiting for her too goof up (and I am certainly NOT a fan of hers, but I give her the benefit of the doubt). But I wonder, would she give it all up (the fame, the money, and all the bling) to have a normal, quiet life? I don't think so.

As for the Duggars, I watch with fascination too....I do homeschool and, yes, I do scream at my 3 kids on occasion. Something tells me Mrs. Duggar does too, the camera just doesn't catch it. She's gotta goof up sometime??? Hopefully??? Surely???

Mom2fur said...

I think, when you are put on the defensive regarding something that is very important to you, sometimes you act as if you don't care. Of course she cares. Maybe she was just afraid that no matter what she said about being a mother, it would be twisted around. I bet she broke down about the papa-nazis because most of us are on her side in that regard. Give the kid a break--she's young and it doesn't seem like she's got good influences around her.