Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finding Time for God

Although I've known Christ for a long time, I go through dry seasons. Sometimes I need gentle reminders to get back to the basics. Life can get so busy and distracting that I neglect my most basic need - to spend time with the Lord. Here's an article I just read that I found helpful. Even though none of it was new to me, I needed to read it.
Are you struggling with finding time for God? Maybe this article will encourage you!
God Bless You!


Grafted Branch said...

Thanks for linking to that article. It was a blessing. A little planning and preparation could change everything!

Hey! I'm in Texas too. South Texas.

heartsjoy said...

Hey girl,
Thank you so much for your Very sweet comments on my blog!! You are way to kind to me but I so appreciate your defense and encouragement to me! I also loved this blog and article! That looks like a Really great site too! love you.

icjesusnu said...

What a nice reminder... I've been enjoying early morning times on my porch with God. ('till last 2 a.m.'s with God and mosquitos) They are buzzing the tower but not landing...which reminds me that I want to be smeared with repellant (aka. Holy Spirit) to avoid attack.
Love, Tam

Sweetpea said...

Thanks for the wonderful article link!
Have a blessed day!

Paulette said...

I can relate, I always love being replentished in my walk with Christ. This is why I love the Cwo blogs, all the Christian women who we can all learn from. Thankyou for sharing.
Have a Blessed day.

Rabbit said...

Thanks for sharing that link...as you said, back to basics sometimes is just what we need!

The Roaming Southerner said...

THanks for this. Being "linked" with so many women of Christ, can make me feel down when I am going through a dry spell. Thanks for the pick me up and a reminder that not everyone has the walk down perfect.