Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Little Sluggers

My older son began his baseball career this spring. I dreaded it because once they start sports it doesn't end for a long time. I dreaded adding one more thing to our family life. I guess I thought it would be an intrusion. But when the time came to sign up, I was all for it - maybe because the T-ball season is so short! He was on the Astros, which couldn't be more perfect for us. We already had all the stuff!

I loved watching him play! He just got better and better and cuter and cuter as the "season" went on! He's a good hitter, but he got distracted when his team was on the field. They finally moved him off first base since he never paid attention to the ball. It was comical!


joyfuljourney said...

Why is it that when you write your post and view it it looks just like you want it, then you publish it and it doesn't look like that anymore?!!!! Well, at least my boys are still cute!

i'm_inspired said...

I guess that's just a part of blogging...for amateurs, anyway! Everytime I post, I go through the same thing!!

We've made a 750 mile trip (one way, I might add) to watch 6 year old grandson dig for worms in the outfield!! Yes, your boys are CUTE! and so is my grandson...even digging for worms!

(did you get the notice of my blogsite change?)

SuperMom said...

Your boys ARE cute!!

The only time I've ever enjoyed watching sports was when Brother played. There is something so wonderful about it.

heartsjoy said...

Ahhh! What a pair of cutie pies!! Just makes ya want to squish, kiss and hug em! I love watching t-ball, b-ball and soccer tapes of years cute and fun!

Christy said...

What a beautiful family.. I was just visiting from someone else's blog and when I read you were a pastors wife it really got my attention. My husband used to pastor and now is an evangelist. God bless you and your ministry!

icjesusnu said...

Grant & Daniel are the cutest!!!