Friday, January 04, 2008

Media Bias?

Have you noticed the "preference" in the coverage of the caucus results? If the news agency is more liberal, the headline is "Obama, Huckabee Win Caucuses". But the more conservative (OK, Fox News) reports "Huckabee, Obama..."

CNN ran the speeches from the winners this morning. Guess whose speech ran first?

You may wonder why on earth I was watching CNN. Pure curiosity!


Andi said...

Complete and utter media bias. And they think we are to dumb to notice, which makes it all the worse.

JRR said...

For my own sanity, there are things I will not do anymore. One of them is watch CNN.

Newsweek this week has Obama on the cover with glowing light shining down on him with some stupid line like "Our time for change has come". A story on Huckabee is referenced on the cover as "the GOP's Huckabee problem".

There is a reason Fox News beats everyone in the ratings...