Saturday, January 05, 2008

Colorado Vacation

Back in November, after celebrating Thanksgiving, I remember thinking that December might not be as crazy as usual. We would not be traveling to do Christmas with anyone. There would certainly be parties and shopping, but it looked like our weekends would be sane.

Well, I was wrong. Every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our varsity football team was in the playoffs. On December 22nd, they won the state championship. It was all terribly exciting, but EXHAUSTING!

The next thing I knew it was Christmas Eve and I was completely stressed out. Not only was Christmas the next day, but we were leaving at oh-God-hundred on the 26th for a trip to Colorado. You know, you don't just throw a few things in the suitcase and head to the mountains. It takes planning and purchasing! Everytime my dear husband headed to one of the cities, shopping for Christmas, his list included just as many things for the trip as for Christmas. Half of the gifts our boys opened on Christmas morning included winter gear of some sort!

Anyway, we left for CO the morning after Christmas - very excited and ready for a vacation! It began to snow before we drove out of our county. The boys were so excited about every bit of snow they saw. We kept telling them that this was nothing compared to what was ahead. After 14 hours, we arrived at my parents place near Salida. My siblings and their families had all arrived that day too. My parents had been there a while already.

For the next several days we played in the snow, ate, played games, kissed on the baby, ate, opened gifts, and played in the snow some more. There isn't much we could have done to make it any better. The mountains were gorgeous, especially at twilight. Everything turned blue-grey and it was breathtaking. We left the youngest kids with the grandparents and headed to a favorite coffee shop in town. The couples took turns planning the meals each night, but we all shared the load of cooking and cleaning. We played with each other's kids and enjoyed watching the cousins reconnect. Oh, and we drank coffee...lots of good coffee!

Thanks to my youngest, we even had our own themesong!

I'm still working on putting my pictures in a slideshow, but you can check out some here and here. But if you have a few minutes, please check out the video my brother put together. It is a wonderful recap of the trip. You'll be glad you took the time to watch.

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Andrea said...

okay the thing that I noticed is that you called Abilene and Wichita "cities." I guess compared to home that is what they are, but still, do you see what I am saying?!

Sounds like a wonderful time, so glad you got to go.