Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday JRR

Today is JRR's birthday! That's us back in the mid-70's (obviously) at our Mammaw's house. Yep, we're Southern, we had a couple of "Mammaws". (Reminds me of a Hannah Montana episode! That's so sad.) This picture cracks me up because it is just like JRR to have his shirt tucked into his belted pants. So neat and orderly. It's just like me to need to adjust my pants - so not neat and not orderly!

JRR is very creative (check here and here). He is also quite hilarious! If you don't know him and weren't reading my blog this time last year, you can read more about him here. It's a much more serious and moving tribute to the brother!

I wish we could spend time together today. It wouldn't be anything terribly exciting to most people. I might possibly bring some of this and some of these - just for fun! But most likely we would probably drink coffee and talk about politics. Well, I would ask questions and he would explain and give his comments about politics. We might also talk about how much fun we all had in Colorado last month or how we can make sure the sister ends up taking in the parents when they are old and feeble. That last part would be a sham, since I'm sure that's what they talk about when I'm not around!

In honor of this special occasion, I have a story he will think is funny. He thinks most things this kid does is funny.

The other day, G said "Daddy, put down that remote and play with me".

Needless to say, that's just what the daddy did!


JAR said...

I just had to click on "this" and "these"-- I KNEW what they would be. I will never live that down! I also couldn't resist rereading your last year's tribute; got teary-eyed.

We've had a good day for JRR's day-National Treasure, pizza, and laughing hysterically at the "talent" from our own backyard on American Idol.

JRR said...

For the record, my shirt is untucked at this moment, I am not wearing a belt, and I shaved this morning for the first time this week. Things have gone downhill in the last 30 years.

Is it just me, or do I look like I’m about to cry in that picture? It’s probably because I drank that whole Coke behind me and I needed to pee real bad.

What’s with the plaid pants and striped shirt? Who picked out my clothes?

I don’t understand “this” and “these”.

joyfuljourney said...

Yeah, right! You know full well that I'm referring to your former indulgences!

You were about to cry because your bladder was about to burst and that tiny house had only ONE bathroom. If it was Christmas, then you knew your wait for the potty was quite long!

Or maybe Mark had just finished picking on you for the 17th time that day - all because your dad used to pick on him.

Tammie said...

what cutie patuties!!!

joyfuljourney...i wanna go with on Friday!

kacole said...

"This" and "these" totally cracked me up! I often say to the husband that we need to go get "this" and "these" for an exciting Friday night!!

I never knew Mammaw's kitchen was that bright! I wonder if that is how JRR will be dressing in another 30 goes full circle you know.

And for the record: you, my dear sister, will inherit the 'rents. This is why they have the shrine of you, they are trying to keep up the relationship so you will be nice to them in the future.