Sunday, January 06, 2008

G Says, Part 2

It's been a while since I posted some of the funny things my four year old says. Here are a few things he's said lately:

Upon the return from our incredible trip to Colorado (where we played in the snow, sledded, saw mountains, you know, CO in the winter):

Mom: G, what was your favorite thing about being in Colorado?

G: um, sleeping on Grandma's couch! (Ok, he didn't sleep on a couch - it was a trundle bed set up as a couch for daytime use. When he slept in it - it was a BED.)

This isn't really something he says, it's something he does. We read lots of Dr. Seuss books. It never fails, when reading him one of the books, he always answers the questions. You know - there are lots of rhetorical questions in those books! My favorite one is at the end of The Cat in the Hat. "What would you do if your mother asked you?". Well, D NEVER answered that question. He just grinned! G, on the other hand, tries to explain just what he would do in that situation. While ago the Daddy was reading the one about choosing which job you'll do one day (can't think of the title). After every occupation, G would respond "yes" or "no".

Man, it takes a lot longer to read those books if the kids actually participates!!


Christy said...

He is beyond adorable.

Conbob said...

Funny! I feel your pain--no 6th grader seems to comprehend the whole rhetorical question thing either, so this has become one of my pet peeves with my students. I am always having to explain the whole concept of "not every question is meant to be answered."

Andrea said...

That is so very G. He always has an answer in SS. He doesn't have his thumb in his mouth and the other tugging on that cute ear as much as he used to either, which is kind of sad...