Monday, September 10, 2007

Funny Kiddos

Here is a sample of G's latest artwork. He is going through his "abstract on markerboard" stage. Can you guess his subject?

This summer my niece shared her favorite movie with D. Now he is obsessed with High School Musical and HSM2. Last month we taped the first movie and he has watched it many times. This weekend we taped the Dance-Along version of HSM2 and the boys have been been practicing their moves! Since Dad has been known to tape something for D and then eventually tape over it (much to D's disgust), D made the following statement:
"We're never, NEVER until I'm DEAD taping over High School Musical 2!!!"

I imagine in the next few years, he will be very embarassed he ever made that comment!


ShelleyRo said...

Just a stab in the dark but Sponge Bob?
Vivi loves HSM and HSM2, she doesn't want to be Gabrielle, she wants to be the rich snotty girl that always wears pink....who would have guessed that

joyfuljourney said...

Yep, it's that highly intelligent Spongebob!

I'd rather Vivi was Sharpay. At least that actress keeps her clothes on in real life - at least I think so!!!

kacole said...

It was so obviously SBob...he is a genius! You make him stop watching SB so that it won't suck the life out of him!

Beaver said...

HSM & 2 are AWESOME! Heading out with my Ipod right now to do my morning run with Ryan and Sharpay! :-) (mindless, good get up and go rhythms!!) I have to say, though, the music and dancing in those movies is really incredible. I do love the music!

Now, SpongeBob, I've never quite figured out... The boy does like to watch it whenever he can sneak it in, though... boy thing?