Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I actually have 2 sets of friends who are missionaries in Prague. I've blogged about the Chumbleys, but I've not mentioned the Barnwells. They have been in Prague longer than the Chumbleys and have an adorable family. Tina and I worked together for a couple of years at the seminary while our husbands were students and I wouldn't trade that time together for anything! She is funny, sweet, creative and a lot of fun.

After dealing with infertility for a few years, Jerry and Tina adopted a beautiful little girl they named Karis (that's Greek for "Grace"). By the time the big "Gotcha Day" arrived, Tina was pregnant - WITH TWINS! God must have been chuckling as they realized she might actually be pregnant!

So, by summer of the next year they had 3 kids in diapers! They are a beautiful family and I can't wait for them to return to the states so I can meet these kiddos!

Well, Tina has her own blog now that I'm really enjoying. I'm so glad I can keep up with her and stay connected!


Tina said...

Aww Jill, you're so sweet!!
Thanks!! And I can't wait to see you and your family!! What fun times we are going to have!!
Love ya my friend!

Beaver said...

Oh, I just cried an cried! How exciting for them! Wow, haven't seen Tina in a long time. Wow, haven't seen YOU in a long time!