Monday, August 27, 2007

2nd Grade

This is our 3rd year to pose in this spot. I love that picture behind him - he was one week old!

Such little monkeys!

Saying goodbye to little brother

I think he was a little embarrassed that his mom was taking his picture, but I didn't care! He should know by now that I take pictures of everything.


ShelleyRo said...

They have really grown up so much.
I am dreading taking my baby to the first day of school tomorrow. I know I'll cry, I cried at D's back to school picture.

WeevilMaw said...

Those are so cute! One day he will thank you for all of these "embarassing" pics...or at least his wife and kids will!

When I saw Grant this mornng I said "Hey! They don't allow monkeys at school." Instead of protesting like he usually does and saying "I'n nah a monkeeh!" he just blinked and sucked his thumb and held onto his ear. Poor little guy.

Tammie said...

'D' just hope that your Mom doesn't break out the camera by your 6th grade classroom door like mine did!!!! Yiiiiikes~

Tammie said...

Hayyy Prezidente!
How was your inaugural speech? Hope all is well...