Monday, August 06, 2007

The Chicken Fairy?

D's friend Courtney spent the night the other night. She cracks me up. One time she spent the night and I made homemade buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. She took one bite and was somewhat disgusted. She stood up and announced that her mom just takes the pancakes out of the freezer and microwaves them. In her mind, her mom's method was superior to mine! Being great friends with her mom, I called her at work and told her the story. She immediately said she was going to kill Courtney for being so silly for turning down homemade pancakes!

Anyway, Courtney lost a tooth and the fairy didn't come until the second night. I asked her if she thought the tooth fairy had just forgotten (she does that sometimes). She said, "No, I'm pretty sure she got delayed in Africa - delivering a chicken to someone."

Huh??? I guess kids in Africa find chickens much more useful than money or trinkets!

Oh, that kid cracks me up!


kacole said...

ACTUALLY, it is a well known fact that children in Africa get chickens under their pillows from the T Fairy. It is also believed that African children are much better sleepers than American children - and the chicken racket does not wake them. And c'mon, what African child wants a useless American quarter for each tooth? Seriously...surprised you didn't know that.

Tammie said...


andi-weevilmaw said...

Now that's funny I don't care where you're from, even in Africa that would be funny because exactly like Kacole says why would they want a dumb quarter? I believe I hear Brett Dawg laughing to himself on this one.