Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What's in a Name?

It is so difficult naming something - or even someone! Whenever I am on a team of any sort and we must come up with a name, I always go blank! Naming our second child proved to be more difficult than I anticipated - it was so important and so daunting! Having just completed Beth Moore's Bible study "The Patriarchs", the importance of a name is fresh on my mind. Even God's name is so important and revered that the Hebrew people wouldn't say it!

So, today I had to name my blog! I tried so many, but they were all taken. But I think this name reflects how I feel about who I am and about my family. Marriage and mothering is a journey. The Jacksons have been on quite a journey for almost 18 years. Being a child of God is also a journey - sometimes exciting and sometimes tough. But no matter what the journey brings, there is always joy in this journey!

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heartsjoy said...

I LOVE your name!! It suites you perfectly!! I am SO GLAD YOU JOINED!!