Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Getting Caught

Since beginning this blogging (today), I have found it very time consuming! Nothing else is getting done! My baby has been neglected. Every once in a while I will get up and make a bed, vacuum something, or pay a bill, but after each chore I run back to the computer and read another blog written by people I don't even know! Does anyone else find this bizarre, yet wonderfully satisfying? I try to read what heartsjoy has to say because I have known her for about 10 years. I can hear her voice as I read. But I get distracted on her blog because I am checking out all her buddies and what they have to say! I really like supermom. She says just what I am unable to articulate. I love that!

A few minutes ago I heard my husband come through the house. We live in the parsonage, so he walks over to the house quite often. You may think, "how nice", but sometimes it startles me (and annoys me). When I heard him coming, I switched screens to make it look like I was deeply involved in planning VBS! He would love the idea of my blogging, because he is a writer and reads blogs all the time. He is the one who should be blogging! But I feel guilty when I am on the internet when I should be doing other things!

I'm getting off the computer now. The baby is asleep and big brother is at school. Hubby has returned to the church. I should go do my pilates!!!!


SuperMom said...

Wow! I kind of feel like a celebrity being mentioned on your blog. Thanks :-)

Yes, blogging is addictive. There are times I feel the computer pulling at me and times I feel guilty for being here instead of doing other things. It is hard to find the balance in it all. But I think blogging has made me better somehow. Better at being me and happier being home. And it is so great to know there are other people out there who relate to my struggles.

Blog on, Sister!! And Welcome :-)

heartsjoy said...

Welcome to blog world!! I feel the way you both say, enjoy blogging So much but also have to try to not be addicted! I love getting comments and commenting and reading bloggers who are also Moms and realizing I am not crazy in my thoughts but these great women relate!! I am so going to enjoy keeping up with you!love you!

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Welcome Joyful Journey!!

I know exactly what you mean. I actually turn the computer completely off for several hours at a time so I'm not "tempted." :)
Also-- I usually only post late at night or on the weekends.

Lots of fun though! You'll find your groove... Welcome!

janjanmom said...

Hello from Paducah, KY!! I am a total stranger and mom who enjoyed reading your first posts!! Blogging is completely selfish and therapeutic! Friends who you can turn off and on whenever you wish. Comment or just read-whatever my mood says. It is always on my terms and always encouraging. Addicting to the max!! As busy moms we don't always have the time to do friendships the way we would like-this is an awesome compromise!! WELCOME!!

heartsjoy said...

Tag! Your it!! Check out my blog for details! :)