Friday, April 21, 2006

Narnia Mania

Mothering boys is such an adventure! They are such odd little creatures - strange one moment and sweet the next. Some days I spend the whole day telling them to stop jumping off the couch, settle down, be quiet, no I don't want to pretend you are Superman so you can rescue me. There are days I'm just not in the mood. Then the Lord reminds me they are boys - that's how He made them. They are wild at heart! The last thing I want to do is squelch that boy spirit!

In the few weeks since Narnia came out on DVD, it has been played at least 27 times in our house. Big Brother can't get enough. It's fine with me - the movie is wonderful. He even sleeps at night with the soundtrack playing in his room. He knows what's happening during each song! We are also reading the book at night before bed. Oh, and he only puts on his pajama pants for bed and walks around with no shirt and a scarf - he thinks he is Mr. Tumnus! He's six.

The other day while cooking dinner I looked into the den and there was Big Brother dressed for battle - complete with shield, sword, and helmet! He was fighting the White Witch during the battle scene of the movie. He had also dressed Little Brother (he's 2 1/2) for war! I laughed and cried at the same time!

Lord, thank you for my little warriors! My little King Peter the Magnificent! May these 2 rascals always be brave, noble, and courageous! May they fight evil with the Sword of the Spirit and rescue those in need!

Dr. Dobson and John Elderidge would be proud!


heartsjoy said...

No doubt...too cute! My son is major into Narnia too! We constantly see battles going on. L

Bttrfly1976 said...

I prefer to think of it as 29 with one year experience. But yes, it's true. :o( I had no idea that you were you! When I read your comment I was thinking..uhh do I know her? So I went and viewed your pic in full size, and there you were. LOL It is good to see, no hear from, no ummmmmm it is good to read you! We share our blogger birthday, how sweet is that, awww. Hope to read you again soon. :o)
And, since I am commenting on your blog, I had better say something about it, so....Boys can be wild and crazy, no doubt. My nephews can wear me out in five minutes flat. Beautiful family,btw.

SuperMom said...

I used to try and make my boy be quiet. It used to frustrate me that he was so rowdy. But I finally figured out that he just wasn't made that way.

Thank God he isn't. What a joy boys are. I am so thankful for mine.

LiteratureLover said...

How adorable! I love when they get into playing the warrior-heroes (especially when it's Narnia, unless he's fighting ME). My son's name came from the Narnia series. I look forward to him seeing the person in action when it comes out (one of the future movies).