Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cartoon Evangelism

This morning I picked my almost 4YO up from Sunday school. They had been discussing the importance of church, what the church is, church attendance, etc. On his activity sheet there was a picture of a church building he'd had to circle.

Just outside that church building G had drawn a little Spongebob. You may recall his recent fascination. Maybe his teacher had mentioned the importance of bringing friends to church. Or maybe it's the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Or maybe he's just simply obsessed with the stupid little yellow sea creature!


JRR said...

So, you're making the assumption here that SpongeBob is not already a believer? That he is somehow in need of evangelism? Perhaps G has more discernment when it comes to trouser-wearing, porous, sea creatures than his mom.

joyfuljourney said...

Could it be that SpongeBob is actually the pastor of the church, walking from the parsonage to share God's Word with his little flock? Is Patrick the worship leader, Mr. Crabs the Chairman of Finance, Plankton Chairman of the Deacons and Sandy, Student Minister?

Shame on me for thinking so little of the community known as Bikini Bottom!