Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Payton's Test Results

From Terry's email this morning:

We just returned from our meeting with the oncologists at Motol. Here is a brief update of where we are:

Payton has Ewing's Sarcoma (PNET), which is a very aggressive form of bone cancer. The doctors are recommending chemotherapy every 3 weeks (3-4 days at a time) for around 18 weeks.

They will then redo the CT scan/xrays/MRI/etc. to determine if the tumor has shrunk enough to remove it by surgery. Due to the location of the tumor (1st rib near major arteries), they are doubtful that surgery will work at that time. They feel that he will require radiation treatment to try and further shrink the tumor and then attempt surgery.

They also feel that Payton has a 65-75% of completely being healed. (Luckily none of that is up to them) We will send all results back to the states for a second opinion and further consultations.

Our advantages:
1. Payton is young and can bounce back from treatments.

2. The tumor is small and if we start treatment soon we have the advantage.

3. Payton inherited his stubbornness from his mother and her side of the family.

4. Payton has a prayer army like none other.

We love you all and have felt your prayers stir the comforting of the holy spirit in our lives.


For the Kingdom,

The Chumbleys


Lisa, Allen, TX said...

I am praying for all of you as you face this battle. Know Payton is being prayed for daily!!! Keep trusting and leaning on Christ.

Anonymous said...

Madian, in Vickie Moore's SS Class has all those ladies praying for you. Also, Jimmy Moore's class, The Impact Class, has added Payton and your family on our weekly prayer letter. People around the world are praying for you and the infant Nela who was in the hospital with Payton. May God bless and comfort all of you in this difficult time.
Ed Priest, FBC Allen, TX

Anonymous said...

Terry and Robin,
We are joining many, many others around the world in praying for a miracle in little Payton's body and that all the glory be given to our gracious Heavely Father. Terry, your writings are beautiful and tell so much about what a loving father you are to your precious little boys. I gave your grandmother a hug for you this morning at church.
Keep trusting in His power!
Juanelle (Cooksey) Roberts