Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bedtime Conversation

We'd been talking about our dog, Max.

D: I'm not really a DOG person.

G: I am.

Mom: Yeah, for D's birthday, he just needs a turtle and a fish.

D: Yes! I want a fish!!!

G: I want a duck!


icjesusnu said...


andi said...

I can totally see G chasing a duck around and quacking and laughing and having a big time.

D has said nothing pertainingto animals and b-days. He has mentioned getting his playstation fixed a cuple of times. I think I'm supposed to mention that to you.

Have a great time this week! Love you.

kacole said...

Well, I know what I am getting G for his b-day now. All I have to do is find a duck breeder and maybe duck diapers.

icjesusnu said...

I know you're home!!! So where are you? hehe

I almost called you yesterday to see if you wanted to hang with the kids at the pool. I had my nephew for a few days.

Ta ta...see you soon.

heartsjoy said...

L, Well, I'm sure you are wanting to get their hearts desires! I can't wait to hear how it is to have a duck for a pet! ;)