Thursday, August 17, 2006

What do you think?

Everyday Mommy has some very interesting thoughts regarding today's headlines. Check it out.


kacole said...

Wow, powerful statements. I do think "shame on them" for turning her into such a trampy looking thing and taking away her innocence in that respect. But, I also believe that child predators prey on all children. I don't think that any child is safe from a predator regardless of the amount of make-up they wear or don't wear. I don't plan to put my child(ren) "out there" but I can't make them unattractive to a sick, deranged, demented blankity blank like this man in question.

But I also think that the pageant scene has the potential to cause many more problems than making a child more attractive to predators. I wonder how this child would have been as a teenager. When your entire life is based on your sex appeal, how do you not use that to get everything you want?

i'm_inspired said...

I guess it's very 'unChristian' of me but from the very night of this little girl's death, I've never trusted nor believed the parents. I have nothing on which to base my feelings except 'gut-feeling' and their demeanor during interviews.

To each his own (opinion)...that's what makes the world go around.

joyfuljourney said...

Well said sis! So you don't plan on raising any hoochie mommas?

Miss J - your comments remind me of our mom. I think she has mistrusted the parents all along. She would say it is a gut feeling, too.

kacole said...

I am pretty sure that if our "sissies" (sisters in mom's language) resembled -in any way - a hoochie - then their father would lock them up and throw away the key - or spank them - whatever worked at the time!