Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back to School

It's the first day of first grade! Yes, I've been singing the song from
Veggie Tales' Jonah since yesterday! On his 7th birthday, Big
Brother went back to school. Although I was excited for him to
go to school, I was a little sad that this was his first birthday not
spent with us! Someone else got him all day!

His teacher is a precious Christian woman. I prayed all summer
he would be in her class!
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Of course we had to get a picture with the Texas flag!
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The classroom next door has a Blue's Clues Thinking Chair.
Little Brother was thrilled when I pulled out a notebook
and crayon for the picture! He's obsessed with Blue's Clues
and was so excited to sit in this chair!
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i'm_inspired said...


Pictures are great!

joyfuljourney said...

Yea is right! It took me a long time last night, but I finally worked out all the kinks. I had to use Photobucket, reduce the size of the pics, copy the codes, and paste them into my Blogger post. If I posted straight from Photobucket, it didn't work right. Anyway, it's done and I have a way to post pictures now!

joyfuljourney said...

Another thing - now all my blog info is way down at the bottom right of my blog! I guess having everything as it is supposed to be is too much to ask!

i'm_inspired said...

NO! Expecting perfection is not too much to ask!!

You should be able to correct the sidebar if you can decipher "html gibberish" in your template.

html stuff just knocks me to my knees! What I know about it is miniscule!

(When I looked at your blog and saw the pictures, I didn't even notice the absence of all "your stuff"!!)

kacole said...

Big Brother seems to have that "ok, take the picture already mom!" look in his eyes! It is starting already - that pre-teen-too-cool attitiude! I can't believe he is 7! Remember his little baby-butt-crack!!

Baby Brother is so stinkin' cute with his "boatbook".

joyfuljourney said...

I'm laughing at the memory of that diaper hanging low in the hospital!!! I might have to go get the scrapbook and look at that picture again!

I've been on the computer too long. Little Brother is telling me to go into the "titchen". He must want me to get him some "bopple juice"!!

katidesigns10 said...

Hey Aunt Jill!! Your pictures turned out great. I know that blogger can be difficult, but check out my slideshow on my blog and give it a try. Maybe a slideshow will work better for you!! Love ya

katidesigns10 said...

Hi Aunt Jill! Your pictures turned out great!! I know that blogger can be difficult. You should check out the slideshow I did on my blog. You may like that this is easier than the other way. Check it out and see. Love ya

katidesigns10 said...

So how did you like the same comment two different times...Im so smart?? Im such a dork......OOps

LiteratureLover said...

Oh, those pictures are too cute!

kacole said...

Okay, after looking at these pictures a couple of times...I have decided I don't like the one of baby brother in the Thinking Chair! He looks like a little boy and not a baby! What the heck happened here? Are you sure you don't want to have another???

BooMama said...

Billy Joe McGuffey was a really clumsy kid...." :-)

Love me some Veggie Tales.

And your pics are adorable.

They grow up too fast, the young'uns. :-)

Overwhelmed! said...

Very cute pictures! Your boys are so handsome. :)