Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Survived

Hubby came home and I am no longer a single mom. Things went fine - no problems at all. But, I sure wouldn't want it to be a permanent situation. Hubby walked in just as Baby Brother was heading to his nap. He was so surprised and thrilled to see "Dad". (He skipped saying "Daddy", thanks to Big Brother. )

A few days ago I held a 2 week old baby. He was squeaky and sweet! Don't you love how they draw their legs in when you hold them on your chest? Anyway, this baby belongs to Heather from Point of Grace. Her parents are members of our church and she is spending some time here recuperating and resting. Her hubby is prepping for comps and needed some quiet time. Anyway, I have grown quite close to Heather's mom, but this is Heather's first trip here since we moved here a few months ago. As I was getting ready to go over there to visit, I found myself fussing about my hair, clothes, etc. Come on, this girl glams up all the time, so there is that part of me that is nervous about how I look. I didn't expect her to look like she does on the album covers, but you know what I mean.

I got there and she looked just like the rest of us 2 weeks after having a baby! No makeup, her other 2 kids were still in jammies, etc. I was so relieved! Isn't it great when you discover that "famous" people are also real people? I knew she would be real, because her mom is one of the most authentic, wonderful women I've ever met. Our visit was great and I really enjoyed loving on her new precious baby. They are a sweet family.

Speaking of family, I should probably go feed mine!


SuperMom said...

Babies. Sigh. I LOVE them. I have to fight back tears now when I see them. Especially those newborns.

LiteratureLover said...

How fun that you got to hold such a newborn! I love those little toes and that heavenly smell. The fact that this was "Heather's" baby was an added plus. That girl can SING!! I like Point of Grace but she is really the best voice in the group in my opinion. Glad to know she's real. ;)