Monday, January 25, 2010

So Many Memories

Everyone is in bed and the house is quiet...just the way I like it. I thought I'd read through some of the posts on my blog. Wow, I wasn't prepared for the wave of emotions that hit me as I did. Each funny story, hilarious comment and priceless picture reminded me how good life has been these last four years, for the most part. The birthdays, family visits, great times with friends, football many memories.

It makes me smile, thinking about the wonderful times attached to the pictures and stories. But it also makes me sad because that chapter in my life has closed or is closing right now. Letting go of that life has been very difficult. So much so, that I find it hard to move forward. Part of it has to do with saying goodbye to some amazing people. Part of it is dealing with the regrets and unresolved issues. I pray that when the day comes that we drive away from here, God has given me the opportunity to make some things right. Either will be a hard thing to do.

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