Friday, August 15, 2008

If You Give a Girl a Cookie...

...she'll hang on to that cookie with one hand while holding a cell phone with the other! Even one-year-olds can multi-task!

Who can complain about returning to work when the day ends like this?


Momofthree said...

If You Give a Girl a Cookie.....perhaps she'll ask you for some MILK.....or 'tea' in her language!

Cute pics!

Thanks again for being a 'mom' to our children while I work!! We appreciate you more than you'll ever know!!

Nancy B said...

That girl loves her cookies!!!! Thanks for posting pics of my grandbabies and for being such a great "second mom" to my sweet grandbabies. Since I can't quit work and be a stay at home Nana, seeing your pictures posted and telling about your day with them is the next best thing!!!!