Wednesday, July 23, 2008

G-man Says, Part 4

As is the case with most 4 year olds, G-man has a problem with whining. We've tried several things to train him to quit this annoying habit. I'm seriously considering this method:

Mom: "What do you think I should do if I hear you whine again?"
G-man: "Throw me out the window?"

He is his father's child.

Walking down the sidewalk this morning, G-man and I heard a bird make a noise in a tree. It was certainly more a squawk/screech than a chirp. G-man, in his very matter-of-fact way, says,

"I think I just heard a monkey!"

Where does he get this stuff? Oh, yeah, he's his father's child!

Seriously, I just went in to check on him one more time as he falls asleep. He was doing that thing he's done since he could control his own movements - sucking his thumb and gently touching his ear lobe with the first 2 fingers of his other hand (like a pair of scissors). Through these 4 years it has made me giggle and has flooded my heart with joy. He sucks him thumb only occasionally now, and I'm always strangely happy to catch him doing it, especially if he's doing the ear thing!

It's a strange and wonderful age. He's big enough to recognize a monkey's call when he hears one, but still baby enough to need that thumb sometimes.

Just as long as he still needs his momma, too!


kacole said...

My favorite story is the one where he said "Mommy, I think that camel is staring at me!"

joyfuljourney said...

I'd forgotten about that! It was the camel from the nativity scene.

Wonder what hilarious things your little man will say. He is his father's child, too!

ShelleyRo said...

when you finish teaching G-Man that lesson would you teach Vivian. I am sure Jack would say, "does dat sound like a good idea?"

Christy said...

He is too cute (but I think he gets that part from his mom).