Friday, February 15, 2008


Do you need some encouragement? Want to read something that really blesses you? Click here and read how good God is!

My friend's advice for dealing with stress and discouragement - watching video of babies! Well, if that's what you need today, click here! My nephew will make your day 10 times better!

God cares about our every need, whether it's a baby with fever, a battle with cancer, the death of a precious sister, or the need for a used van!

Life has seemed overwhelming to me this week. I needed His gentle reminder this morning that 1) I don't really know what "overwhelmed" is, and 2) no matter what, He is always good!

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Momofthree said...

You disguise your stress really well! (Maybe like I disguised the FLU for 2 days!) I never once caught on to the fact that you were stressed this week! It definitely didn't interfere with your job!

Words of encouragement for you: You are a great blessing to our family! Our children are so lucky to have you!!