Monday, December 17, 2007

What a Moron!

*Disclaimer: If you are one of the precious, more mature ladies of my church, you may want to stop reading right here. Trust me. If you continue to read, I apologize if the language or content of this post offends you in any way. Remember, I warned you.

The Munday Moguls have advanced to the state championship game that will be played this coming weekend. We decided not to attend last week's game because, frankly, we're exhausted! Between soccer games, holidays, and December playoff football games, we haven't been home on a Saturday in months.

So, we listened to the game on the radio, from the warmth and comfort of our home.

Well, one of the senior players is a member of our church. Sunday morning I congratulated him on the victory and then, knowing that the playoff games have been tough and intense, tried to say something like "Did you get roughed up very much?" or "Did you get knocked around pretty good?" Instead I said,

"Did you get knocked up?"

I quickly corrected myself and walked away in complete humiliation. He must have been thinking, "Did our pastor's wife really ask me if I got knocked up on the football field???"

Of course, I told his sister, mom, and everyone else around me just what I had done - and then had a huge laugh! It's not even a phrase I use. My brain was working at a different rate than my mouth!


In_spired said...

KNOCKED UP????!!!!!

You must have had a time-travel flashback to the 50's!! That was OUR expression...(meaning, of a family way)

Hatching jackets, P-G, preggo......

Are there more up-dated expressions?

Yep...I would say you goofed!!

Tammie said...

Do you wanna borrow my "If I Only Had A Brain" coffee mug?

Beaver said...

Oh, my gosh! I am rolling!!

joyfuljourney said...

Inspired- obviously you are not one of the "precious, more mature ladies of my church"!!! Or, at least you don't consider yourself to be!

kacole said...

You do so use that phrase... all the time! I have heard you. I think you even said it to the husband when I told you we were having Caden..."she's knocked up!" Do you just not want your church family to know you say it?

Ya big dork!

joyfuljourney said...

Don't believe a word my sister says!

She's a drunk.

JRR said...

Yep. Kacole is right. The preacher's wife thing is a silly facade. Joyfuljourney curses like a sailor and dips snuff. We have to warn our kids before they spend any time with Aunt J.

kacole said...

You should takes one to know one!

Beaver said...

Sounds like someone needs a Lemon Drop. And not the kind we had when we were kids!