Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why Clowns Should Avoid Crack

Last month I posted a picture of my son's school spirit. I got lots of kudos on my job as face painter and how it was hard to recognize D.

Well, not every picture turned out that great.


In_spired said...

I have to admit....looks like a "crack boy"! Gosh! Don't tell D. I said that!!

He's such a sweetie!!

Conbob said...

Crack is a multiple-meaning word, and I saw another version of a "crack boy" the other day at school. You know how cool it is to wear your pants really low? Well, not if you're hot and sweaty and your shirt is caught in your crack!

kacole said...

Oh my gosh, Conbob, that is disgusting!!!! You constantly remind me why I don't want to be a teacher!

Andi the WeevilMaw said...

You know I just realized how funny this post title is. I just cracked up...pun intended. I seriously love this pic of D. You have to save it for his senior year and then put it in the yearbook or football program or graduation slideshow. lol (cracking up)