Monday, May 07, 2007

Bedtime Snacks

Tonight was baseball night. That means concession stand food at best for dinner. After the game the boys go straight to the bathtub, then they have a snack supper. Tonight I went all out and served cereal.

D chose his standby, Corn Chex. Here's how my conversation went with G:

Mom: G, do you want this kind? (Chex)

G: No

Mom: Do you want O's?

G: No

Mom: Well, what kind do you want?

G: I want the chicken kind!

Mom: (with disgust) What??!!

G: I want chicken cereal!!!

Mom: What on earth is chicken cereal??

G: (louder) I want chicken cereal!

Mom: (light bulb moment) Do you mean Corn Flakes, the kind with the chicken on the box?

G: Yeah!

Mom: Sorry, we don't have that kind anymore.

G: Ok, I'll have D's cereal.

As BooMama says - "Oh mercy, Mama needs a nerve pill!"


icjesusnu said...

yummy, think i need some cereal b/4 bed...THANKS A LOT!

i'm_inspired said...

I'm with G! The 'chicken kind' is my standby!!

(he's soooooooo cute!!!!)

icjesusnu said...

I had honey bunches of oats, by the way.

Good Tuesday morning!