Thursday, April 19, 2007


I did something wonderful yesterday. Something I've needed to do for a LONG time. Something I should have learned from JRR's wife a long time ago, since she has done this many times before. I got rid of everyone and cleaned my house! I worked from one end to the other and it felt so good! I'm prone to distractions and seldom finish anything I start. My house is NEVER clean all at the same time - except last year during our Christmas Open House. I'm not saying it's perfectly clean now, but the major clutter is put away.

The remarkable thing about it is that I was actually able to concentrate and get it done. Concentration is something I struggle with everyday. I'm very easily distracted. With 3 other people needing me throughout the day, sometimes at the same time, I find it very hard to keep up. So, yesterday's accomplishments were great for my confidence. I really may not be losing my mind!

Now that cleaning my house is out of the way, I can once again focus on hubby's 40th birthday bash Saturday, and VBS training Sunday! I can't believe these 2 events are back to back. Maybe I AM losing my mind!!!

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Beaver said...

The BEST Mother's Day present I ever received was a "cleaning lady" who came every 2 weeks for a year - or at least until I fired her . . . you know how picky I am . . . It didn't necessarily last long (not with 4 kids running around), but it was SO wonderful to have it ALL done at ONE time. A few days of "heaven" as the house smelled and looked put together. I need another cleaning lady!!! Mother's Day is just around the corner . . . should I drop some hints??